I had the opportunity to share my experience of how I achieved a powerful mindset to be ready for Miss World Canada 2018 with FemEvolve. FemEvolve is a women’s health and wellness magazine that covers every area of a well-balanced life and is redefining the way women live their lives.

In my post, I described how I used the six principles of naturopathic medicine to create a positive mindset. Naturopathic medicine is a distinct healthcare profession that blends scientific knowledge with traditional and natural forms of medicine. I am about to complete the first year of my doctorate degree and I am so grateful to be a part of this profession.

I became interested in this profession because of how I was raised as a child. My parents have always emphasized the importance of taking care of your mind and body in the least harmful way possible. Their daily routines inspired me to lead a healthy life where I encouraged others around me to do the same. Becoming a naturopathic doctor will continue pushing me towards my journey in inspiring others to achieve their best health.

The 6 principles of naturopathic medicine are; first do no harm, trust the healing power of nature, treat the cause, treat the whole person, doctor as teacher and prevention as medicine. These are the principles that naturopathic doctors practice by. However, I took these principles and applied them outside of a clinic setting, to show that we should not only practice by these principles with patients but also embody them to become the best version of ourselves. I explain how you can do that in the full article, which you can read by using the link below.

Creating a Powerful Mindset Using the Principles of Naturopathic Medicine

And as always, you can continue following me on my journey to Miss World Canada on Facebook and Instagram!

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It is no secret that mental health care in Canada has remained underfunded.  In Ontario alone, mental health conditions account for 10% of our healthcare burden.  Yet it receives just 7% of our health care dollars (CAMH, 2015).  Relative to this, mental health care in Ontario has been underfunded by about $1.5 billion.  Although the Mental Health Commission of Canada (2017) has called for this number to be increased from 9% by year 2020, it leaves us all wondering…is this enough?  Wait times for counselling and therapy follow-up remain from six months to one year.  

Directly after I passed my nursing exam, I was hired as a mental health nurse through Halton Healthcare.  I often see my clients when they themselves or a loved one has brought them in through our emergency department.  Trust me, we are dedicated to ensuring quality care is provided to each and every one of our clients that come to see us.  More times than not, my clients tell me they “didn’t know what to do, where to go, or who to turn to for help.”  Mental health conditions including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia, remain under-recognized, under-treated and stigmatized (Halton Healthcare, 2018).  If people don’t know what signs to look for, or who to turn to for help, how are they able to get help in the first place?

Here are the statistics:  70% of mental health conditions have their onset during childhood or adolescence, where young people aged 15 to 24 are more likely to experience mental illness and/or substance use disorders than any other age group.  This is where I will target the bulk of our health promotion and prevention.  My beauty with a purpose project has focused on empowering young people through mental health education, encouraging one another to recognize and acknowledge the signs and symptoms of various mental health disorders, and to connect them with support services.

In partnership with Halton Healthcare Services, I have developed a Mental Health Campaign:  The Mental Health ACCESS Program.  The ACCESS mission is to Advocate for Client-centered Care, Education, and Support Services.  Ultimately, we promote mental health and wellness to improve access to care.  Core components of the Mental Health ACCESS program 1) include defining mental health and mental disorders, 2) identifying signs and symptoms of various mental disorders, 3) promoting mental wellness into daily living, and 4) providing information for community outpatient support services for those in need of help.  This approach respects the contributions of both the clients/students/family members with lived experience and life situation, alongside the health professionals with their training and role to educate.  We collaborate with affiliate community agencies, schools, and outpatient supports to provide education on early identification and intervention of mental disorders, reduce the stigma of seeking help, and aid in earlier treatment to better health outcomes.



As of right now, the true mental health crisis we have is this: we cannot change what we cannot identify.  So lets start properly identifying our mental health and become the change.  I believe the Mental Health ACCESS Program can propel us forward in providing quality care and improving the mental health of our community.

With love and kindness,

Melissa Young








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On Wednesday July 18, I had the pleasure of hosting a fundraiser for the Children’s Wish Foundation at the Boston Pizza Restaurant in Newmarket. From 5 to 9pm, I was a celebrity server, shadowing servers there when attending to guests who were dining. I helped take orders, make drinks, and serve meals to people who sat in the dining room.

Winner of the 50/50 raffle, Eszther, me, and Jill.

In between waves of crowds, I held a 50/50 raffle to raise additional funds outside of the 10% of the bills that will be going to the Children’s Wish Foundation. Many people were very excited to participate, seeing who at the table had the longest arm to measure an arms length of tickets on. There was even a little girl, excited that I too was interested in the arts, who wanted to come help sell tickets. When we measured an arms length, we measure on her leg, pulled up to her head, a party trick the little dancer could do. She helped to sell many tickets as well and even pull out the winner at the end of the night. I let the little girl take a picture with my crown as a thank you for her hard work. It always brightens my day when children take a liking to me right away. The girl gave me a rock that she collected at the end of the night, which her Mom said she rarely gives away.

The Simone family and I.

Gianna and I.

It was such a fun event, as I loved walking around and talking to guests. I met people who were celebrating their birthdays, who were going to the movies afterward, and who were just enjoying dinner out. Each guest friendlier than the last. I also enjoyed meeting the staff of Boston Pizza, who were so kind and ready to support the event.

I am just days away from the Miss World Canada national pageant and am very excited to compete! I want to thank Boston Pizza for having me, my friends and family for coming out, my sponsors, Art Boulle, Elmwood Brides, Improved Care Pharmacy and Rykiss Orthodontics, and everyone who contributed for their support.

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Hi everyone!

In June I was given the opportunity to speak to the teachers of St. Francis Xavier Catholic School (SFX) about suicide prevention awareness. In the future, I am planning on organizing a walk/ fun with the school to raise awareness and funds for the Canadian Association of Suicide Prevention (CASP). A lot of significant changes occur during adolescence, so this can be a very difficult stage for some individuals. It is important that adults bring awareness to suicide prevention to ensure that the youth are aware of their mental health and understand that suicide is never the answer for difficulties they experience in their lives. I look forward to hopefully speaking to the students of SFX on suicide prevention awareness, so the students feel comfortable speaking openly to adults they trust if they are ever feeling like they are in a unhappy and uncomfortable place. I believe that it is so important to open this discussion with our youth. Suicide is a very sensitive topic to discuss, especially among our youth, however not talking about suicide will only further perpetuate dangerous stereotypes and attitudes. We as a community must come together to create a safe environment for our youth, so that those at risk of suicide can get the help they made need one day.

Taking to the staff of SFX was very important because adults play an important role in educating the youth on mental health and helping them if they are ever at risk of suicide. Educators must prioritize their students’ mental health as much as they attempt to improve their education. The mental health of students is so important in order for them to grow into successful adults who can work efficiently and healthy.

I want to thank the principle of SFX and all the staff for allowing me to bring awareness to the importance of mental health in the education system and ways in which adults can help bring awareness to suicide prevention. This was a great first step in my goal to eventually speak to the whole school and organize a fun and educational walk/ run for students to raise fund and awareness for CASP.

Looking forward to more events to raise awareness/ funds for suicide prevention awareness. I will continue this awareness and make prevalent this discuss in our community. <3


Jessica Cianchino

Miss York Region World 2018

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Hello everyone,

In May I hosted a banquet to raise funds for my journey to Miss World Canada and for the Canadian Association of Suicide Prevention (CASP). It was an honour to have all my friends and family support me in raising funds for myself, as well as for CASP. It was my first time hosting an event, but as always I had plenty of help from my mom and the rest of my family. I started the evening with a speech to introduce myself to my guests, and then we carried on to dinner. During the night we sold 50/50 tickets, where half the money from the tickets went to CASP and the other half went go to the winner of the draw. After dinner I presented a speech on CASP and what suicide prevention awareness means to me. We then drew the winner for the 50/50 draw and announced that we raise $136 for CASP that night! We also did a draw to give about 20 donated prizes to people based on their ticket numbers. To end of the night everyone had desert and like all of my family events, danced all night long! This event was overall very successful and is the first of many events that I plan on hosting.

My favourite part of the night was having the opportunity to speak to a large group of people about suicide prevention awareness and to raise funds for CASP. I was able to reach out to a lot of people in a fun and comfortable setting, while still being able to talk about the serious topic of suicide prevention awareness. The main reason why I enjoy having my title as Miss York Region World 2018, is that I am given a platform to speak about any issue that is important to me. As I explained to my guest during my speech, pageants to me are about using your title for something bigger than yourself. Pageants are a great way for young women to have a voice to speak about important issues and network with others who have similar goals. The benefit of having a title is you are able to gains people’s attention, so it is up to us title holders to do something positive with the attention we receive and use it to promote things that we would like to improve in our community, country and world.

I am honoured to have the support of everyone that came to my event on my journey to Miss World Canada and so proud of everyone that helped fundraise for CASP. I am looking forward to more events to raise funds and awareness for CASP, as we can all do a little something to contribute to this very important cause. <3


Jessica Cianchino

Miss York Region World 2018

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Hi everyone,

On June 19, I was invited to celebrate the 157th birthday of José Rizal; a Filipino native who became an icon for the nationalist movement of peaceful reform during Spain’s colonial rule in the Philippines, in the 19th century. Rizal was a successful man of many accomplishments as he was a journalist, poet, activist, lawyer, doctor and proficient in multiple languages. He is such an important figure in the Philippines, where my mother is from, because he was a part of the Propaganda Movement to reform the Filipino people during the Spanish colonial rule. Philippines was governed by Spain for 333 years, until they gained independence in 1898. Rizal contributed greatly to the independence of Philippines, as he wrote novels which were banned by the Spanish because they brought awareness to Filipino rights, limitation of power of Spanish friars and representation for the Philippines in the Spanish Cortes. Throughout his life, Rizal fought against the Spanish rule by implementing a non-violent reform that targeted the need for change. His powerful knowledge, skills and success to influence the Filipino people and intimated the Spanish. He was eventually sentenced to death, and his execution created more opposition to Spanish rule. Rizal remains a national icon in the Philippines for initiating change and helping the country take its first steps toward independence.

To this day the people of Philippines continue to honour this national hero, and his birthday is a day in which they remember and commemorate all the hard work he did to fight for their independence and freedom. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to celebrate Rizal’s birthday. Being half Filipina I do not always feel as a part of my mother’s culture as I would like to, so this event was a great way for myself to learn about the history of my mother’s native country and to celebrate Filipino independence.

I would also like to congratulate my uncle Bernard Virtucio and many other men for being dubbed a Knight of Rizal on that day. The Order of the Knights of Rizal was implemented to uphold the ideals of the Filipino national hero, José Rizal.

Again, so grateful to have been a part of this historical celebration! <3



Jessica Cianchino

Miss York Region World 2018


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Hi everyone, my name is Svetlana and I will be representing Central Ontario at the Miss World Canada 2018 pageant. I am very excited and honoured to represent our beautiful and multicultural province.

I was born and raised in Republic of Moldova – the country I love and visit several times a year to see my mother and the rest of my family. I have a very big family with lots of younger siblings, grandparents, cousins, and I am so grateful for the close relationship that we have.

It was in Moldova that I discovered my passion for modelling and pageantry. I got signed with a modelling agency when I was only 5 years old and I was actively involved with it until I moved to Canada. I joined my very first pageant when I was 9 and won the right to represent my country at the junior level of Miss World, where I placed as the 1st runner up. These experiences definitely made up some of the most unforgettable and fun memories of my childhood and I am so thankful for them.

When I moved to Canada, I was still interested in modelling but chose to focus on my education and academics. I occasionally took on modelling jobs, booked some commercial work and walked in Toronto Fashion Week but never really pursued it to the full extent. When I look back on my past 4 years, most of my time and energy was certainly dedicated to completing my degree at Schulich School of Business and working. I was so excited and thankful to see that my school recently posted about me in their success stories.

I am both thrilled and nervous about going after my childhood dream at the upcoming nationals. This was a very busy summer, as I competed at Top Model Search Canada and in the provincial qualifier for Miss World Canada where I learned so much about the industry as well as myself. Most importantly, these experiences showed me once again how amazingly supportive and loving my friends and family continue to be. I couldn’t ask for a better support system and want to take the time to thank everyone for believing in me.

Pageant photoshoot provided by Captive Camera. The company is on the media list for Miss World Canada 2018 and it offers professional headshots, glamour and portrait packages (http://captivecamera.com)

Written by: Svetlana
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Good morning everyone,

On June 23RD, I was invited by Pinoy Radio to hold their banner and walk them at the Fiesta Extravaganza parade in Vaughn, Ontario. It was a honour to be a part of the first year of the parade/ event to celebrate the Filipino culture and tradition. It was so interesting being exposed to a variety of Filipino food, cultural practices and businesses in Ontario. I meet so many new people and was able to network with different organizations. Although it was raining, this did not stop the event for successfully allowing all kinds of groups a part of the event, to represent themselves in order to celebrate the Filipino culture. Thanks again to Pinoy Radio for allowing me to be a part of their first annual celebration of the Filipino community in Ontario.


Jessica Cianchino

Miss York Region World 2018

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“Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature—the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter,” One of my favourite quotes from Rachel Carson, a catalyst for the modern environmental movement and author of Silent Spring. Not only does this excerpt perfectly define our familiarity and assurance with our planet, but it also reminds us that if this same familiarity were to change, assurance would disappear and nothing would ever be the same.  In other words, if we continue on this inevitable path that is destroying the beauty of the Earth, nothing will survive; not the people, not the Earth, and definitely not the abundant familiarity. That possibility terrifies me, as it very well should.

As a child, I loved the ocean. There was a point in my life when I wanted to become a marine biologist because I was in the love with the diversity of life in waters surrounding our lands. As a result, scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef is something I would jump at the chance to do. But as I grew up, I learned that the Great Barrier Reef is threatened by something known as ocean acidification. This is due to an increase in both sea temperature and acidity as a result of global warming. The reefs are dying and the ocean animals along with them. I was heartbroken when I learned this, and it’s only one of the countless consequences that can happen.

As a result, I bring forth the subject of my Beauty with a Purpose Project for Miss World Canada 2018: Environment, global warming, and climate change awareness. I’m more passionate about the issue of environmental protection and climate change than any other problem I can think of. In my opinion, climate change is quite possibly the most pressing crisis on our hands today.

My underlying goal is to educate people on the importance of environmental protection and to bring awareness to the issues facing our planet. I believe that we must be educated on these issues in order to ensure a healthy future for Earth. I want to put forth environmental initiatives to further prevent pressing issues such as climate change.

There are three categories my project is divided into, in which I will implement the money. The first category is “Simply Awareness.” It consists of raising awareness for the issue of global warming and climate change through the use of posters, social media, websites, speaking to people personally, and generally spreading the word. An example would be pushing those around me to use reusable water bottles.

The second category is “Taking Action.” This includes any activity requiring larger amounts of funds, time, and effort. An example of an initiative that I plan on starting up is my non-profit organization called “Project GreenEarth.” Project GreenEarth will have a website/social-media page where the public will be able to sign petitions, donate for a worthy cause, find ways to help save the planet and find information on events and fundraisers that I will be doing. These will help build a strong foundation for my organization and will hopefully provide the public with a way to encounter Simply Awareness, Taking Action, and Higher Power all on one platform.

The third and final category is “Higher Power.” This category includes any initiatives I wish to enforce but may require others in a higher position to enact them. An example is advocating for more greenhouses and biodiversity gardens within and throughout Canada.

My Beauty with a Purpose Project tackles the issue of global warming and climate change.  Beyond any doubt, the ultimate goal for my Beauty with a Purpose Project is not to protect the environment. It is to create a world in which the environment doesn’t need protecting!

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Happy Friday aka brow day!

I have always been obsessed with thicker eyebrows because they have a certain natural look that I think looks classy!

I’ve been a loyal customer to The Brow House in Yorkville! It was only right I collaborate with them 🙂

So how do I achieve my big brows? They have a really cool process and believe it or not… I only tweeze my brows! This is because wax often creates premature wrinkles on the face and threading creates a rather super clean, sharp look that I’m not much a fan of.

Step 1. Sit down for a consultation. Explain how you want your brows to look

Step 2. Remove all oil and makeup from the eyebrow

Step 3. Draw an outline of the shape you want to achieve






Step 4. Lay back and relax while your brow expert tweezes away







Step 5. Apply aloe to the skin around the brow

Step 6. Voila! Finito, your brows are more than perfect!

Check them out!

The Brow House 

80 Scollard Street, Yorkville

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