Today was the day of the preliminary show! The delegates had rehearsal in the morning and then competed in Pascale swimwear and the evening gown competition in front of the judges at the Edward hotel. Erin then competed her tap routine in the top 6 talent competition! The delegates had two great meals during the day from Panpan noodle and Nutrition balance to give them energy for the competition. 

Written by: Erin
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I live in Toronto, North York, on Sentinel and Finch, close to York University. My neighbourhood is always very busy, with different people walking and driving on the streets of North York. I live in an apartment building and this gives me the opportunity to see people and have neighbours and friends. Close to where I live is the Jane and Finch mall, where I normally visit to do my nails and also visit the printing store there to print a few stuff from my email. I also go to one of the clothing stores there to see if I can get something to buy. The store I visit the most, is the nail store. This is where I do my nails and thread my brows and they do it very well and that always makes me happy.                                                                                                                                 

Jane and Finch mall is not that big of a mall, but it sure has some stores that would attract you. Once in a while in the summer time, they bring rides and toys for kids and also some for the general public, like adults, to come and play and have fun, facial paintings and drawings. I haven’t seen the rides this summer but I’m hoping it is out before the summer is over. There is this particular ride I really like, it is the one that spins u around in a chair and I love this so much because it helps me conquer my fear of heights, so going on this just makes me feel like I can literarily climb anything or go on anything that has heights.

Toronto North York, might not be the safest, as no where is safe. We only try our best to make sure we can be as safe as we can possibly be. Several times, amber alerts or emails from school, when I was still in York university about people getting robbed, killed or raped. This is a very critical issue and it shouldn’t be handled recklessly. These are peoples lives at stake and as such, I would say the police is really doing their best as they are always around patrolling and making sure that everything is okay.

Toronto in general, is a very large city with so many tourist attractions and beautiful places to visit. But my main focus would be about North York because that is the region or part I live in and that is where I want to talk about.   The nail store where I visit is owned by an Asian and the workers there are also Asians. They are so nice and always very accurate and on point with whatever it is you ask them to do. Once you step into their nail store, they attend to you immediately, asking you what you want to do and they immediately assign you to who is available. It is only if you booked an appointment with someone in particular that you like, then that way you get to stay with that person. Walk ins are also allowed but it is a fifty fifty chance as the place could get really busy and filled up. So that is why it is best to book an appointment, or go when you think people would either be at work or it is a week day.

They are so nice and friendly that they make sure they build this relationship with who they make nails for and this can be a very good way to also get tipped, if your nails look very nice and you like it. Some of them could be rude sometimes but I guess it is not everyone that can satisfy you and that is life. But in general, the nail store is also very neat and the workers there are also very neat. You can also do your pedicure and manicure, they also attend to guys.



Getting here, is very easy especially from where I live. I drive, so it is way easier for me. The mall is like 5 mins away from me and it is on Jane and intersection Finch. While I’m on finch and sentinel. The TTC also goes here for those that don’t drive and it is the Bus 35 I believe that drops people off there and the bus stop is just right in front of the mall, which makes it very easy for people to walk there. It is also a walking distance from some houses, to the mall. It is usually fun during the summer time, as everyone is always out and doing something. Be it an activity or event, it is always fun and nice. You can also get to meet new friends, for instance, Jane and finch mall, when they have activities going on there and you attend, you can make a few friends there and you all can go on rides together and have fun together.

My little region is my heart and soul and I cherish every moment. I would not lie, I get scared sometimes, due to the shootings and robberies and the amount of rape that goes on. I thank God I am not a victim and no one that is close to me is. The police, like I said earlier, are doing their best and making sure everyone and everything is in check. I want to say thank you to them. A couple weeks back, I heard news that the incident of rape, has emerged and some ladies started talking and saying who raped them and what not and this are real life instances. I think the case has been taken to the cops and they are investigating. I hope justice prevails. I know no where is safe as every place or country or region has its ups and downs and it is the communities duty to take action and inform the police when they see that anything seems off.

Majority of the people that live around me are blacks, so it is more like a black community. There are few white people living around too, as I have a few friends who I met from York University. North York has African stores around, where I usually visit to buy things that I might not see in a grocery store like No-frills or Freshco. The African store carries typical African products and things that might only been in Africa when you go there. So the African store has made it easy for we Africans here to get what we need.

#missworldcnd #missworldcanada2018 #mwc #mwc2018 #roadtomissworld


This is a picture of the African Store close to my house, they always have what I want

North York can also get very busy, with the schools and churches around and also side malls, where people drive in and out everyday. Like Tim Hortons, Popeyes, McDonalds and so much more. McDonalds’ is also another place I visit most times and it is so close to me. There are two McDonalds’ places, one on Jane and Finch and the other on Keele and Finch. I usually go to the one on Jane and Finch as it is closer. But one thing about this place is that it really gets busy, that there could be a long line up of cars at the drive thru or even inside the place. But McDonalds, is one of the most busiest places and they serve everything fresh and hot and somewhere to count on when you want something to eat immediately.

To finally end this topic, North York, is an administrative area and former city in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is located directly north of old Toronto, between Etobicoke to the west and Scarborough on the east. As of the population in 2006, it had a population of 655,913. I hope I have been able to give a little light about where I live and what I I get involved in sometimes, making you understand the positives and also the negatives.

My apartment and how it looks










Written by: Stephanie
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Hello everyone, so I have been looking for the day to actually write this and tell people my story about how my life was saved in a car accident twice last year and I’m happy to say I AM AN OVERCOMER AND A WINNER…..

Last year, sometime in the summer, I was on my way out and as usual, I took the 401 high way and it was a moving slow traffic. I had some people in my car and I was supposed to drop them off before heading out and from no where someone from behind hits my car and the whole tail gate was smashed. Below is a picture of the first accident and also a picture of the other persons car that hit me.

This other truck above is the one that hit my car from behind. All I can say is that I’m just greatful for my life and I appreciate everyday as it goes by.

The second time was really bad and this was around the winter time last year, when the devil tried it again, to take my life but this time God had to prove to the devil that He is able and He is God. He took charge and took care of the whole scene. I would attach a video and links to watch the other videos below.









The above links are to watch the videos of the accident that happened and how the car looks. The car was a total write off, air bags came out, tyres got bad, the engine got bad and everything in the jeep was just wrecked.

This story is one that I would never forget in my life, as I was saved again for the second time in a year from death and this time it was also on the highway. I was coming back from somewhere and was on the 400, very left lane that moves fast. I was going straight and then another car was beside me. I was not sure what this car was trying to do but I knew I had my right of way and I was not switching lanes any time soon. The car beside me was a Chevrolet and this car was also on high speed and I started to realize that this car wants to overtake me and switch lanes.

I was in my lane, driving accordingly and there was really nothing I could do because its a Highway and every car moves fast. So it was either I slow down so the Chevrolet can overtake me or I try to move ahead. But then again slowing down was not too much of a good idea, as there was a car directly behind me. As I decided to just be in my lane and on my pace, the person in the other car just switched lanes at the wrong time when we were still side by side. The guy in the car hit my car so hard that it bounced on and off the barriers of the highway four times. I was just waiting for it to tumble in the air and then explode. But when I say I am a WINNER, I am not joking about it.I literarily saw death before my very eyes and I told myself one thing that day, that if I was going to die that day and in that manner, I would not close my eyes. I would open them to see what is happening and to my surprise, as I did open my eyes to see what was happening, I was in total shock, as I saw cars drive past me while the accident was happening and while my car was all over the highway, I was shocked no other car ran into me and vice versa.

Being alive today for me is a blessing and I can never stop thanking GOD for that. I know He did keep me for a purpose and a reason and I am so glad He did. I had no scratches what so ever and even the cops at the reporting centre were shocked as to how I was looking okay, even with the air bags coming out, I still did not have any scratch. I just told them I am VICTORIOUS AND I WAS BORN TO WIN AND OVERCOME.

Competing in Top Model Search Canada and now Miss World Canada, is like a blessing to me and also one of the ways God is saying he is going to bless me and open doors for me. I have always wanted to give back to the society, travel round the world and help people, have a positive impact in peoples lives and conquer the world. Growing up, I have always been so quiet and reserved, I was never bold enough and that got to me a lot. I hardly knew how to make friends. But looking at me now, I would say I am so proud of myself and how far I have come, in terms of relating with people, getting involved in positive things that would help change the lives of those that need it.

Also, I am just so happy that I am better and also looking forward to making myself the best that I can possibly be. I know I am beautiful and I sure do have a purpose in life which I am yet to accomplish and make come to pass. I hope as anyone reads this, they are able to learn one or two things and I hope this reaches out and touches whoever needs to read this, more like a blessing and not a curse.

#missworldcnd #missworldcanada #missworldcanada2018 #roadtomissworld


Written by: Stephanie
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Today was the fitness challenge for all national delegates of Miss World Canada. The girls went to HUB rock climbing gym to participate in four rock climbing challenges to make up their fitness score. Erin was very pleased to have made the Top 10 for fitness, and for helping her team to win a very respectable overall team score.


After pita sandwiches lunch from Scarborough based Johnny’s Shawarma, the girls went to the Yorkdale Mall to find the Skechers store and have yet another social media challenge. Erin used her love of dance to make a commercial for Skechers in the mall.

The girls came back to the Edward hotel and it was time for the talent auditions. Erin is performing a tap routine and made the top 6 who get to perform at the preliminary show!

The delegates ended a wonderful day with teppanyaki at Memories of Japan.


Written by: Erin
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Day 3 was filled with visits around downtown Toronto for the national delegates of Miss World Canada.

After an intense first practice for the pageant opening routine the delegates headed off to Roxy Bar on King st for some delicious lunch and games of pool. All the contestants got the chance to test out their luck with billiards in this gorgeous downtown Toronto venue.


Next the delegates were off to DiVRge VR arcade to play a game of virtual reality dodgeball. The delegates were paired into 14 teams of four people each with Cynthia Menard on the last team.  This was for a bracketed tournament with prizes donated by KPDI business incubator in Toronto. The prizes were VR headsets that plug into (some) smartphones and most game systems. Erin’s team (the purple cobra’s) won third place!

After working up an appetite the delegates headed off to Pizza e Pazzi St Clair restaurant for an authentic Italian meal with the most delicious tiramisu!

It’s now time for the bed as each delegates prepares for the fitness testing tomorrow morning.

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Written by: Stephanie
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I was sitting by my little study at the far end of my room in awe of the golden rays of the sun, admiring its reflection on my curtains, it was a beautiful sight which I couldn’t get enough of. This occurrence brought back memories of the journey of my life so far, being a part of top model search Canada and landing myself a scholarship has to be one of my favourite moments in 2018. Not all of my life experiences was as beautiful and breathtaking as the golden rays of the sun as described previously, it wasn’t easy getting to this point in my life.  I had ups and downs, naysayers with negative vibes, the good, bad and ugly. The challenges made me work on myself, always wanting to do better, to be a better version of who I was and I am glad that I am making progress. Meanwhile, I stopped looking back a long time ago because that isn’t the way forward.

I have come to realize that the mind is a vital tool with the sole responsibility to make or mar one’s personal growth or development. You can be a success in whatever you choose to do if you understand the principles on how to use your mind to your advantage. Your actions are a product of your thoughts; Good or bad? Positive or negative? what kind of things do you allow in your mental space? There are so many factors that determines one’s personal growth, I will be revealing the things I allowed in my mental space and I believe these principles I adopted helped me to be a best version of myself, it also helped me tremendously while competing at top model search Canada.

Who/What do you listen to –  I have categorized this in two ways; the positive things I give heed to and the negative ones I shut out. Overtime I have learnt to filter what I hear, be it from family, friends or foe. All through my existence on earth there are people who have believed in me, supported and always there to feed me with words of encouragement, just as there are naysayers who go around spreading negativity. This is where filtering comes handy, I have trained my mind to pay attention to the positive things I hear and ignore the negative ones. People will say a lot of bad things, you will hear a lot of heart wrenching utterances and half the time you might want to give up, please don’t. I remember when someone told me to back out from my modelling career because she thought it was hazardous. Every profession comes with its perks, you should remember the reasons for molding your dreams into reality and the motive behind every move that has been made thus far. Instead of dwelling in negativity, I simply put myself together, get up and let naysayers be who they are because they will not stop. I intentionally pay attention to the good things I have been told because I have a mission and I know what I want. I always tell myself this ‘no negative vibes’.

Who are your friends – Friends play an important role in my life, they are associates who provide the right support. The kind of friends you keep determines the kind of mentality you have, which is why it is pertinent to choose your friends carefully. Before you foster a relationship with anyone, see if they share the same values as you, the same productive growth which might be from different perspectives, do they make a constant effort to work on the betterment of who they once were, do they see the good despite the odds that abound, do they see life as an opportunity to make exploits, do they consider being of help to people and the society at large etc. You will encounter bad friends but do not let it discourage you in selecting the good eggs. Man cannot survive as an island, we all need a squad to hang out with, have our back, cheer us up, correct us when in the wrong, have constructive conversations while creating memorable moments all at the same time. Although, life may call for constant attention, these relationships I have built with good friends. gives room for spiritual and mental renewal. I keep my circle very close because there is only room for positive and productive friends in my space. A good relationship is like gold and they are hard to come by.

Character – Character is a key factor and it is something that must be worked on a daily basis because they are attributes that determines ones moral and ethical actions or reactions. If you have a bad character, then your personality is zero. Your actions or reactions towards things avails you the opportunity to get elevated in certain ways or vice versa. For example, your character shows in your work ethic; As for me, I ensure that I do my best in whatever I lay my hands on, I say no to mediocrity, I do my work diligently, I read for exposure, I apologize when I am wrong, I believe in being fair because the tinniest action can tarnish your image and a good reputation will land you great opportunities. If you preach hard work it should project in your character, if you preach love then you should be someone who cares, you have to practice what you preach e.g. A fitness and wellness coach should look and act the part, it is just the basic principle. You cannot buy a good character, but you have a choice to change from bad to good. Remember that you a product of what you expose yourself to.

Affirmation – A couple of years back, if anyone had told me that I will be a part of Top Model Search Canada or that I will land myself a scholarship to compete for Miss World Ontario I would have had doubts. Things definitely worked out in ways that I am grateful to God for. Every now and then I ensure that I make a solemn declaration of my purpose on earth, who I am, asserting the existence of my worth, my importance in life because I know who I am and I know where I am headed. I ensure that I speak my achievement to life because there is power in the tongue. Doing this on a daily basis has become a habit, a good one to be precise. Speaking positivity into your life is forever trendy, the more you say it the more it becomes real and easy. Affirmative statements like – I know that I will make it, I have been given the capacity to achieve my dreams, I command my success into existence, I beautiful and I will finish well. During the competition, I had a self-inclination that I wouldn’t return empty handed, lo and behold I bagged myself a scholarship, praise be!

Self-Investment – See yourself as an important asset that is invested with an expectation of a profit. Using my case as example; before the competition I had to invest a great deal in myself, I went for trainings, I exercised, I ate right, took my health conscious, I read for my mental wellbeing and exposed myself to a lot of things to make me a better model. Faith without work is dead, if the underground work is not done it might be hard to get what you want. For example, if you do not read before your examination you might be knocking on the doors of failure. One most make a conscious effort to constantly work on the person you are looking to become if not, you might as well be wasting your time. For every time you invest in your personal growth it will eventually yield good results.

Saving the best for last, God has been the pillar of my success. Despite all the factors that I have considered above, the God-factor cannot be removed. Making him a core focus of my life makes everything work together for my good. I couldn’t be more grateful for this path he has laid before me because without him I wouldn’t be here.

Furthermore, remember that you strengthen what you feed, water a plant and it will grow, neglect it and watch it wither away. You don’t want to be the latter do you? Remember that there is a bit of good in bad and a bit of bad in good, the world is home to all kinds of people who share different perspectives about life. Stick to what you believe in!

We thread on different paths, make strategic stops, gather different experiences and acquire new perspectives. The common factor we share is that we are all on a unique journey of our own. For some, it started a long time ago, while for others it just began. One of the amazing facts I cherish about life is that no matter how long it takes, the league of success has enough room to take all and sundry.

It’s never too late to test new waters, it’s never too late to start up that dream neither is it too late to birth that idea. The creator has made provisions; all you have to do is to establish your faith, no matter the age or timing, it’s never too late to join the success train. Put in work and trust the process.

Attached are some pictures to show how I improve on myself or the things that help me become better.#femevolve

Inline image

Inline image

Inline image

Written by: Stephanie
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In other to build a healthy lifestyle you need to form a good eating habit, the saying ‘you are what you eat’ can never be over emphasized. Staying fit encompasses a lot of things, ranging from good nutrition, exercising regularly, how you take care of your health and a whole bunch of other factors. Keeping fit and the living a healthy lifestyle can be a lot of work if you are  a newbie but consistency and self-discipline makes the journey easy, I have been there and I am glad I have made progress.

In this piece, I will be working you through the healthy lifestyle I have adopted and they have become a part of my daily routine. Every morning upon wake, I drink a glass of water. Drinking water after you wake up is one of the best things to do; research has shown that it fires up our metabolism. When the intake of fluids is adequate it helps the kidney do its job by ridding our body of toxins. It is amazing how drinking water makes you eat less. I always have a bottle of water at my reach because it is very essential to make me function properly, if you haven’t been drinking enough water lately you need to start now.

Did you know that you have to eat the right kind of food in order to keep a healthy body shape? A couple of your back, my dietitian confirmed that eating healthy plays over 80% role in your diet while exercising does the rest. Remember that what you eat projects itself on the outside, if you consume healthy foods, adopt the system of portion control and eat at the appropriate time you will be happy with the results. Despite the fact that I have a very fast metabolism I still ensure that I eat the right way. In order to eat right you need to know that there are good carbs and bad carbs. Over time I have gone on a low carb diet because consuming bad carbohydrates especially in large quantity is quite dangerous to the health. It can be a bit of a challenge to figure out which high carb food to limit, but you obviously need to stay off sugar-sweetened beverages, cakes, junk food.

Tip: Don’t starve yourself and never miss breakfast.

According to an article I read on – “14 foods to avoid (or limit) on low carb diet” written by Franziska Spritzler, enlightened me on the kinds of food to eat, stay away from or limit. The article helped me create a good eating habit and I found a way to make to work around it by replacing the high carb foods with low carb foods. Check out how I swapped some of them below;

High Carb food                               Replaced                                            Low Carb Food

White Bread                                                                                                                 Oat Meal

White Rice                                                                                                                Bulgur,Couscous,                                                                         sweet

                                                                                                                               Potato, beets, unripe

                                                                                                                  Plantain, yam, low fat salad.

Junks (pizza, doughnuts etc)                                                                Fruits (kiwi, watermelon

                                                                                                                          Cucumber, oranges,


                                                                                                   Coconut, strawberry vegetables, etc)

Soda, alcohol                                                                                               Water, freshly squeezed

                                                                    Juice, smoothie, green tea, ginger and turmeric tea.

Protein (Fried beef, chicken or fish)                                        Grilled chicken, fish and eggs.


You should know that changing your diet wouldn’t come so easy, you might encounter challenges which is normal due to the fact that you are changing from an old system to a new one but if you are determined to discipline yourself to keep a healthy lifestyle you will love the progress. Consistency eventually shows off your hard work and you need to make it a part of your everyday life to stay committed. Also, it is smart to note that before you introduce some certain foods into your meal plan discuss with a professional, this will help you have a detailed analysis of what you are about to consume and if it is suitable for your body system.

Exercises can help you look and feel a lot better about yourself, you will burn calories and look more toned while helping to keep a healthy weight gain. Scientific research shows that exercising lowers the risk of some diseases like obesity, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. The exercise can be Yoga, cycling, aerobic exercise, strength or flexibility training, dancing, taking long walks or using the stairs rather than the elevator. You need to understand the right exercise that works for you, talk to an experienced person or a fitness coach to figure that out. Trust me, exercising and healthy eating walks better together because the results are usually amazing. The catch is, the materialization process doesn’t show quickly but with hard work, determination and consistency it will surface. A good way to start is now, remember to feel good about yourself because the change comes from within. #femevolve 

Below are some pictures of both High Carb and Low Carb

LOW CARB-YAMInline image



LOW CARB-JUICEInline image

HIGH CARB-RICEInline image


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Bonjour tout le monde! Hello everyone!

The time we’ve all been waiting for… or me, at least, is here! The Miss World Canada 2018 pageant has begun. It’s been quite a hectic day and a half already. There’s SO much to do in one day, that it actually feels like multiple days have gone by. I’ve only been away from home for two days but it already feels like a week!

That just gives you a glimpse of how many things are being done each day. Yesterday, we met some really amazing sponsors, including Lanlay Oil, Nina Spade, Vangelo Footwear, and more! They’re really incredible people voicing for really amazing companies… and the free gifts were just a bonus.

Today, Monday, July 23rd, we did our official photoshoots, interviews, and intro videos. We also got fitted for Friday’s fashion show.

Tomorrow we’re going to be doing outings, going to a virtual reality arcade as well as going to a fancy Italian restaurant! Believe it or not, it’s going to be even more hectic than it was today… and that is saying something. Wednesday’s going to encompass rock climbing and the fitness test. Thursday to Saturday are all going to be show days and I’m most excited about those!

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Day 2 is complete at the Miss World Canada national pageant! All the delegates had a very busy day in their hotel. The morning started with makeup for all the girls, Erin had her makeup done by Serena Rae who also did her makeup for the qualifying Miss Ontario pageant.

Next Erin went to film the video that will be shown if she makes the top twenty, she was very proud that she did this in one take. Following the video Erin had her photoshoot with Erwin Loewen in a 1962 cadillac.

Then the moment of truth, Erin had her interview with the judges. This is the first impression with the judging panel and the first score given at the national pageant. It went very well and she is pleased with the outcome.

Erin had her fitting for the runway show, the outfits for the pageant, and she received her official Vangelo shoes. Her ate her delicious clean meals for lunch and dinner.

The evening consisted of pageant walk and choreography prep. Erin is ready for another exciting day tomorrow!

Written by: Erin
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