My name is Kaainaat and I am currently Miss Windsor 2017. I became involved in this pageant to make a difference in my community. I currently go to Wayne State University for Pre-Pharmacy. I would like to become a pharmacist to help others receive the care they need and to help control the misuse of drugs. As a pharmacist, I will be able to interact with people which brings great joy to my day! I enjoy talking to others and meeting new people from different places. I believe interacting with others is an important factor to my daily happiness.

A family is an important influence in life. I believe that your family will provide love and support through happy and challenging times. I have witnessed this as my family has supported me throughout my journey to Miss World Canada. I have two loving parents that shower me with endless love. They will always ensure I am happy and on the right path in life. I have an older caring brother who always makes it his priority to  protect and provide for me. I also have a beautiful younger sister who never fails to cheer me up when I am having a bad day. Throughout my life, I have realized the importance of family and have always made them my top priority. They are the most valuable people you will have in your life – through thick and thin.

I cannot wait to share my life with you and my journey to Miss World Canada through this blog!

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hello everyone my name is Kersten , welcome to my blog page! here ill be sharing all my exciting adventures and activities I will be attending !! Catch me Miss Hamilton out and about at different events and why not ask for a selfie ! I love selfies! Stay in tuned for my next event I will be attending ! Thanks guys xox, kersten

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Have you ever had that one moment where you’re just waiting to wake up? On January 22,2017 at the Novotel hotel in Mississauga, my entire universe shifted. I was honored to have my name called among the top fifteen (15) finalist for Miss World Canada. I had the opportunity to compete among some of the most beautiful and poised young ladies I have ever met. Spending time and getting to know these ladies I must admit was the best part of the competition. We were all eager to converse and compete for a platform where we can advocate for a cause greater than ourselves.

Welland, the rose city, my current  home town.  Located 26 kilometers southeast of the world’s famous Niagara Falls. Welland as I have come to know it, is one of the many great cities that constitutes the Niagara Region that I currently represents. The Niagara Peninsula is well known for its fruits produce due to its proximity to the escarpment and the warm weather condition from Lake Ontario and Lake Erie.  In 2015 I moved to Canada to live with my Aunt, her husband and seven children. Yes I said it right, seven kids, four boys and three girls.           

Who is Shamika?

Born in the warm tropics of Jamaica, raised by my grandparents in a small district in the hills of St. Ann also the home and birthplace of Jamaica’s legend Robert Nesta Marley.  Passionately known as Bob Marley.  Spending my early years in Jamaica is the most cherished portion of my life. No!, I promise, it was not at all glamorous, but I learnt the values of life and how to always  appreciate the little things that I am blessed with. Even when it seems I have nothing. I’ve learnt how to be a leader with confidence. I obtain my first official leadership position at age ten (10) when I was elected the president of the first “Red Cross Association” club at my primary school, Bensonton Primary, where I had the opportunity to attend parish meetings and be apart of the first community food outreach program.

At age eleven, I moved to the Bahamas with my mother and two brothers. A transition I was never taught how to cope with.  Happy to be with my mom and brothers,  yet sad to be leaving the place for so many years I’ve called home.  Being an immigrant, I was never accept by my fellow schoolmates.  Coupled with the fact of being rejected I was expected to match up to my older brothers impeccable track.  Both in the classroom and in athletics.  Flawless!, how could I match up to that?.  Nevertheless I embraced the challenge.  My motivation, to be the best I can be.  I competed and excelled in track and field throughout my senior and junior years.  At age fourteen I entered my first pageant.  I did not win but I gained experience, knowledge and life long friendships.


Stay tuned and continue to follow me on my journey to Miss World Canada 2017.


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Hello from Sacha, Miss York Region World 2017!

I am thrilled to be introducing myself to you today, as it marks the beginning of sharing this exciting year-long journey with you all!

My name is Sacha and I am a professional actress, singer and dancer mainly appearing in the Toronto theatre scene. I am so excited about my adventure as Miss York Region World and the journey to Nationals! We’ll be spending a lot of time getting to know each other here before our final competition in July, so I would love to introduce myself and share a little about who I am 🙂 <3

With my career being Toronto-based, I have performed in various local theatres, but my wildest adventure performing was while sailing the Caribbean Seas on a very large cruise ship! We visited 4-7 countries every week including; Florida, Sint Maarten, St. Thomas, Bahamas, Mexico, Jamaica, and the Grand Cayman Islands. The cruise ship was my home for 7 months! 🙂

My love for all things creative started long before working art sea or even in Toronto. It began at a young age in elementary school when I was asked the popular question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, I passionately replied, “A Famous Singer”. Since then, my love for the arts has grown wildly. I was a student in the Arts York Drama program at Unionville High School and once I graduated early from high school, I went on to study at Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts, a private career college in Toronto, where I received intensive training in my field.

Fun Facts!

What is your dream role?!

Well, my dream role is Nala in The Lion King. I am pretty much obsessed with that musical – it is my absolute favourite! The music, the colours, the drums – everything about The Lion King shouts earthy, yet vibrant and full of life! I once had a front row ticket to the Broadway show and I have told everyone who has heard my story, “I was so close, I could taste Africa!”. The experience was truly magical!

Continent of Africa?!

Speaking of the continent of Africa, I have travelled to two beautiful countries there – Uganda and Kenya. What a joy! I love the Ugandan and Kenyan cultures – the food, music and people are all so beautiful. I would visit again in a heartbeat! The trip that I went on 5 years ago opened my heart even more to our global community and showed me how incredible things happen when we link arms with our brothers and sisters all over the world and create the kind of world that we want to live in.

Health & Wellness?!

 Last Fall, I launched my health & wellness business and I have an ever-growing passion for making healthier lifestyle choices. My love for vegan make-up, flowers and green smoothies all fall under this category!


Most people who meet me have good reason to believe that I am an extrovert, but what I find fun to reveal is that I recharge by myself while I journal, listen to music and reflect. I love quite time where I am free to dream – that is where my creativity is at its finest.

Miss Teen Ontario?!

I am formerly Miss Teen Ontario-World 2012, and I am still passionate about giving back to the arts community! I am motivated to establish my organization and support young aspiring artists along the way. I hope to inspire others to dream bigger than they have ever imagined and am excited for all that is ahead!

There is so much more to it, but we’ll have lots of time to get to know each other!


Sacha 🙂 <3








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Hello everyone

My name is Karema, In January of this year I had the honour to be crowned Miss Ottawa World 2017; having the highest score in all of Eastern Ontario, this allows me to represent Ottawa at Miss World Canada 2017. My legacy as Miss Ottawa World began the day I was crowned. But, before we get there, we must take a trip a few years back.

1st of April 1996, that’s when I was born, in a beautiful yet hostile country; I was born in DR Congo, during war. Imagine having to flee from one country (Congo) to another (Burundi) by foot, hearing gunshots left and right, hoping and praying that you and your family would make it alive. Yes I am a war survivor. My family immigrated to Canada later down the road. I grew up with a mixture of two beautiful cultures, the Canadian and African culture, a mixture of two worlds. At a young age, life taught me to be resilient, strong, caring, compassionate but mostly to have a lasting impact in this World. An impact that will shake nations, lighten creating, and strengthen the relations of all people. I always knew I wanted to make a change in this world by serving something greater than myself and Miss World Canada is an organisation that strives to do just that. In fact, the Miss World Pageant is the oldest running international beauty pageant. Miss World is also one of the three most publicized beauty pageants in the world. Since its launch in 1951, the Miss World Organization has raised more than $250 million dollars for children’s charities that help disabled and underprivileged children. This page will embody the values carried by the Miss world Organisation. On this page you will see my personality shine through every activity I orgonise and participate in. You will see me hold high our Canadian values and history which are anchored in the National Capital of Canada.

As a proud Canadian I believe it is important to represent those values and highlight our Canadian history. In fact, 1969 the French and English languages were given equal status, rights and privileges making Canada a bilingual country ! As Miss Ottawa World, it is highly important to put to light this part of our history, this is why I am happy to say that my content will be in both French and English in order to truly represent the diversity and strength of our people.

  • Be ready, because this blog will go beyond your expectations !              – Karema Batotele, Miss Ottawa World 2017
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Introductions can be boring… and it’s often really hard to make a good first impression, but here it goes! … in a galaxy not so far away…*Star Wars theme song*

Hello and welcome to my Miss World Canada blog page. My name is Maleeka and I am your newly crowned Miss South Central Ontario World 2017!! *takes a bow*

Your Miss South Central Ontario World 2017 <3

I would like to thank the Miss World Canada Organization for giving me this opportunity.

The intention of this blog is to keep you all informed of my weekly activities and events during my campaign for the COVETED crown. I am anxious to share my journey to nationals with you, with all the trials, tribulations and self-discovery that are on its way. I am new to blogging, in fact this is my first blog post, so I would try to keep my posts as fun as possible in the hopes of not boring you to death…

About Me

I am a graduate of the University of Toronto. I completed my BSc. in Life Sciences (honours), having majored in: Molecular Biology- Genetics, Sociology and English. My life goal other than representing Canada as Miss World Canada is to be a paediatric surgeon. I love working with youth. I believe that by improving the quality of life of our youth, we can inspire and change the world.

Why Beauty Pageants?

I never thought that I would be a beauty queen. Growing up (and I’m talking about

I love walking on stage. It feels so empowering.

1.5 years ago- as this was the first time I EVER competed in a beauty pageant) I was a bit of a  nerd. I knew nothing about makeup or fashion or even walking in high heels.

Pageantry took me out of my comfort zone. Pageantry not only gives young women a platform for beauty, poise and social skills, but also gives us the opportunity to make a difference, initially through our respective charities, and eventually in the world.

My favourite thing about pageantry is that I do not have to look a certain way to be successful. What I mean is: pageantry is inclusive of women of all different religious and ethnic background and is a place I feel welcomed and confident to be a woman of colour.

Hobbies and Interests

I love singing and dancing…not that I am any good, but art is a way to express myself. I love to sketch and draw. I often write short stories and poetry and hope to one day be published.

I also love athletics and keeping physically fit. I can often be found at the gym, doing yoga, running a marathon or even playing a game of volleyball… if you ever need a workout partner, you know where to find me.

Beauty with a purpose

I will be doing a few fundraising events and public appearances in order to raise awareness of the Mental Health issues that young adults face. My project as Miss South Central Ontario 2017 is to help provide a safe place for young adults to discuss current issues that they face in the hopes of preventing and treating mental health. Talking is the best way to start the healing process. If you would like me to attend or assist in any fundraiser, please do not hesitate to contact me and keep following my posts.

Stay safe and happy everyone! Hope to share more with you soon.

Lots of love,

Your Miss South Central Ontario World 2017.

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Welcome to my official blog as Miss Vaughan World 2017!!! It feels so strange yet amazing to say that I have a blog now, but I have come to understand that one surreal situation leads to another and snowballs into amazing events and experiences, when you enter Miss World Canada.

I guess I should formally introduce myself; My name is Rushi (rhymes with sushi), I am a 20 year old girl who loves love and wants to make her mark on this planet…and that basically sums me up! (…Just kidding!) I feel that my personality will be understood and shown more with the more posts I make, I don’t want to reveal everything about myself in one post, because then you all will know everything and won’t want to read my other posts now will you? I will however say that I am an undergraduate Science student at the University of Toronto, aspiring to get into medical school, and become a doctor. I love doctors because they do so much for our community, they not only provide health (a fundamental to comfortable living), but they are also educators, they inspire me to be my best, and I realized that I want to inspire others to be their best selves too; little did I realize that another great way to achieve my goal to inspire and help others was to enter Miss World Canada!

I initially entered Miss World Ontario earlier this year, which was the preliminary regional pageant, this is where I got crowned as Miss Vaughan World 2017 (hence my title), and this also where I found out that I qualified to compete nationally!

I am so excited to represent Ontario at Miss World Canada this July, and see all the lovely girls I became friends with at Miss Ontario!
This is such an incredible journey and experience for me, it is my first time in the pageant world, so I am very happy to have this blog to share this journey with everyone (I know you are reading this mom!); I am also incredibly happy and proud to be an Ontarian, and even prouder to be a Canadian. I have so much love for this country, and am highly honoured (I see a red line being displayed underneath my spelling of the word ‘honoured’ but I will keep the red line there, because I want to spell it the Canadian way, because that’s how honoured I am) to even be a delegate/potential candidate to represent Canada globally!

Well I think that’s all I’ll say for now… I can honestly talk/blog forever, and I am aware that all I did for my first post was show excitement for Miss World Canada, but I feel that it was an accurate representation of my thoughts at this point of time. My other thoughts at this point of time also include worrying about final exams, studying and having slight stress, but these are emotions which I will display through my blog… another day. 🙂 I hope to write blogs regularly so that everyone can get to know me at a more personal level and find out more about my daily life, and what I do, what I love, what I eat, what I am passionate about, and things I enjoy… but for now I am going to peace out! Please feel free to leave a comment, or put a joke in the comments section (I love reading jokes). Anyway, I am off to go study! Be kind and spread love!


Rushi xo

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My name is Alice and I am so excited to be your new Miss Toronto World 2017! It has been quite the wild ride since I won my title at Miss Ontario World 2017 and I’m so excited to share the journey with you!

About Me

I recently graduated from the University of Toronto last year as the 2016 Class Valedictorian. I studied Commerce, Economics, and Sociology for my undergrad program and Professional Accounting for my grad program. Now, I work in Assurance at PricewaterhouseCoopers – the world’s largest audit firm! I specialize in asset management and real estate investment in Toronto’s financial district.

My Hobbies

In my free time, I like to keep myself busy by doing a bit of everything! My favorite pastimes include singing, dancing, and music. I love being on stage and being in front of an audience. That’s why I’ve also got a great passion for public speaking! Overall, I think it is just important to have an open attitude towards learning and trying new things. It’s a great mindset to always have!

Beauty With a Purpose

My Beauty With a Purpose platform is education because I am a strong believer that knowledge is power. Education is the root of human capital and the door that opens up unlimited opportunities. When you have access to education, you have access to the rest of the world!

I have my own career consulting start-up, which helps students who are looking for jobs. I’ve been in those shoes before and it’s not easy. That’s why it is important for me to share and pass on all my knowledge to younger students! I will also my launching my official Public Speaking Tour as Miss Toronto, to carry out my platform into my local community.

I will keep this introduction short as there will be many new blog posts to come. Stay tuned for exciting news that I can’t wait to share with you!

Written by: Alice
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