Hello everyone this is Sarah here! I’m so grateful and blessed to be meeting you all and representing my hometown of Oakville, as well as the entire region of Halton! I simply cannot put into words my excitement for this opportunity to compete at the Miss Canada World competition in July.

I’ll start from the beginning of how it all began…on June 30, 1993….Hehe just kidding.. Back in January I happened across an advertisement for the Miss Canada World Ontario competition that took place at the end of the month. Having absolutely no previous experience I gave it a few thoughts before applying. Not thinking I would actually be chosen I decided to apply for self motivation. To my delight I got a response back for an interview with Michelle! Feeling very nervous and excited I jumped to the opportunity…..unfortunately my camera didn’t work…luckily she could hear my voice, but I thought I had blown it….the next day I received the message that I had been selected to compete at provincials….my heart leapt!!

So you all probably want to know what drove me to enter such a huge competition with no experience..Well, for many years I battled with severe anxiety, depression, bullying and body image issues, including eating disorders. After spending many years overcoming these issues, and living with mental illness it drove me to motivate myself by doing something I never thought I could ever do. I also have known many people living with mental illness as well as friends of mine who have passed away from it. I always told myself that once I had built up enough strength I would do whatever I could to reach out and help those living with mental illness. By bringing awareness and sharing my own experiences I want to help others by showing them how much one can achieve, despite living with mental illness. This competition isn’t just something I’m doing for myself but I’m also doing it for everyone who lives with this on a daily basis, as well as those we’ve lost. Therefore my mandate for the competition is to spread awareness and end the taboo of mental illness across Canada. Regardless of how well I do at the competition, I want to do anything I can to help and will continue to do so after the competition.

A little bit about me… (Don’t worry I`ll keep it short hehe) I have been an artist my entire life and have always adored drawing and painting (especially animals). It`s a lifelong passion I`ve maintained which led me to my career in the film industry, building and painting sets as a scenic artist. I even take part in the construction side… (Which many people find hard to believe :P) I`ve always loved it and hopefully plan to develop this into storyboard production in film. (I’ve always been a doodler, so it`s perfect!! ) I graduated from Sheridan College with honours in the Fundamentals of Fitness leadership program in 2016, furthering my passion of physical health and nutrition. I also have been a lover of sports and outdoor activities, having been a figure skater from the age of 3 (the closest thing to competition I’ve done so far). As well as horseback riding, dancing and many outdoor adventure challenges, I’m just your average down to earth Canadian girl!

The day of my competition, I can’t express how nervous I was!! My heart was jumping out of my chest! I was surrounded by all of these amazing, talented girls and then there was just me… I had an amazing time, despite the nerves and my anxiety I made it through the 2 days, making some awesome friends, having a ball, doing the dance routines and learning all these amazing new skills. When I was finally on stage in front of everyone, I felt the most incredible rush while thinking “What did I get myself into???” and “I can’t believe I did this!!!” After going through my various outfits and feeling so excited on stage in my final gown I felt so relieved and proud that I actually pushed myself to do this. The moment I was crowned I didn’t even realise my name was called (yes, l was a bit mind boggled..) Immediately I was in shock! I never thought I would ever be chosen to move on to nationals and felt so blessed and emotional that I had come this far!! Now that I am representing Halton at nationals I feel so proud and blessed, knowing that I can hopefully make a difference in others lives that have experienced what I have over the years. I’m beyond elated to meet you all this July and I can’t wait to walk the stage at the Miss Canada World Competition!! It’s a moment that has changed me drastically and improved my confidence in ways I’ve never felt before. I hope I can make you all proud and thank you soooo much for taking your time to read my blog. See you in July!!!! <3

Written by: Sarah
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