This week I have begun my journey to become the next Miss World Canada! I am from Essex-County, which is near Windsor, Ontario. I have made it a goal of mine to experience as many different things I possibly I can and so over the last year I have travelled to Iceland, competed in a body building competition, competed in a modelling competition and now I am competing in my first ever pageant! The first few days here at Miss World Canada 2017 have been amazing! I am overjoyed to be here competing amongst so many lovely and amazing delegates.

Today we woke up bright and early and took part in fitness testing at Mayfair Clubs in Toronto. I have played competitive sports for years and am currently a member of the University of Windsor Lancers track and field team and I must say this was some of the hardest testing I have done! We did 80 yard sled pushes of 120 pounds, maximum assisted chin-ups and maximum number of push-ups.. I will definitely be sore for the next few days! The staff were absolutely amazing and welcoming to all 57 of us. A huge thank you to the fitness test that helped us with our testing. By far the best part of today was the #saltwaterselfie that we were able to take an underwater video of ourselves (so make sure to check that out on my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!!). Thank you to Alec and Raymi for helping us create our selfies! Make sure you also follow Mayfair Club Toronto (Instagram: @mayfairclubs, Twitter: @mymayfairclub) and Snappy Towels (Instagram: @snappytowels, Twitter: @snappytowels).

After lunch we finished off the day with a quite a few hours of stage training and opening number practice with Shaun Cuffie and Hollywood. If you’re going to be viewing the Miss World Canada pageant I promise you will not be disappointed! Just a reminder that People’s Choice award votes go live on the website tomorrow so if you have a chance get those votes in!

Thanks for following my blog and keeping up with me here in my time at the Miss World Canada 2017 pageant!!!

Love Jada, Miss Essex-County

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