As a child, Alexa was blessed to be able to travel this world with my family while learning the amazing cultures that surround our planet. She has recently finished a climb to Base Camp of Mount Everest and in doing so, was able to push her limits physically and mentally. Alexa’s dedication to adventures and journeys are all the same; do not stop until you reach the top. However, throughout her travels, Alexa has and always will be distracted by her love for animals. Whether in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, the slums of Kathmandu or the parks of Sarnia Ontario, the beauty of animals always shines through.
Alexa’s choice to become a vegetarian had no relation to dietary needs, but instead a direct relation to her love and dedication to animal rights. Alexa has made the decision to fight against animal abuse and to be the voice they do not have. Animals are unable to protest or even protect themselves from cruelty. If we look at these animals as the beings that they are, you will find that our world has torturers, murders and abusers walking free; only because these animals have no animals. The real “animals” are those who ignore the cries and yelps from these innocent creatures. If they could fight for themselves, they would.

Written by: Alexa
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